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Traditional Fools
Traditional Fools
(In the Red)

Though Ty Segall records for Chicago's Drag City, So-Cal's In the Red is also getting into the Segall business—and with a musician so prolific, there's plenty of material to go around—with the reissue of two limited-edition recordings that originally appeared on smaller labels.

I wrote about Reverse Shark Attack, Segall's fine collaboration with Mikal Cronin, here. Traditional Fools, a trio with bassist Andrew Luttrell and drummer David Fox, were a more anarchic affair, and I'm sorry to say that their one-off album doesn't quite compare.

Unlike Shark Attack, Traditional Fools reveals more of a thrash influence. There are surf licks and garage covers—Redd Kross, Thee Headcoats, etc.—but everything is louder, faster, and sloppier. And the production is so lo-fi that the music and vocals struggle for supremacy. They've also included studio chatter such as, "I like that ending." In other words: it plays like a live record, which isn't a problem in and of itself. Not if the songs are there. Except they aren't.

  • In the Red
  • Naturally, Burger Records issued the cassette edition

Segall rarely lets me down, but I couldn't get into this (and I wasn't crazy about Slaughterhouse either). I'm glad In the Red reissued it, so I could get caught up, and completists should be pleased...but I've never been one of those.

After a few spins, it started to grow on me, as most organic matter tends to do—mold, kudzu, and the like—but this is still one of Segall's lesser efforts.

In the Red reissues Traditional Fools on Jan 22.