Going off a riff on Megan's endearing tradition, we wondered what's everyone's first, genuinely new song they've heard this year. For better/worse.

Bentcousin's "Felicity" ended up to be ours. Think: The Beautiful South, Orange Juice, and Sarah Records, and all under 90 seconds. Picture: a primary-colored paper airplane that avoids the usual twee crash & burns thanks to a sad-bastard-free flight of gentle silliness.

Still, and not to belittle the sweet thing, we wish it turned out to be the original, reformed Sugababes and their fresh 2013 single tease, which we've watched so much we're surprised the clip hasn't snapped.

Ill Cosby
DJ/Producer : Washington DC
[Car Crash Set]
'I think the first thing I listened to that was not a promo I received last year for something released this year was the YouTube clip of the new Skrillex song that sounds like U.K. garage, and just so I could troll about it. I hate to say that it wasn't that bad, like a b-grade Burial clone living in the Ukraine trying to make it on the internet. I might have to listen to some other promos to rectify this because that is mighty sad!'

Jennifer Harrington
Filmmaker : Los Angeles
'I'll admit I haven't been very up to speed in the last week, but I did listen to this track "Honey" by Torres. It's totally my bag except it's a girl vocalist, which usually isn't my bag, but that shows you how much I liked it. Apparently, she's 22 going on 45. It's got an epic, haunting, "I feel like tearing my skin off because I'm so distraught over something" vibe.'

R. Stevie Moore
Veteran Progressive Popster : Everywhere
[Over Four-Hundred Albums]
'I'm way big on finally discovering Tame Impala, but that's so last year. Nothing new from 2013, I'm too slow for that yet.'

Miles Goosens
Friend : Nashville
[Reading Pronunciation]
'And the first 2013 release I've heard is from Benge, the chief collaborator in John Foxx & The Maths. In the band's fold, Benge has served as the power behind the throne, restoring Foxx to his rightful perch as the King Of Kick-Ass Synth-Pop over the course of three exciting John Foxx & the Maths albums in less than two years. But the ostensible Ben Edwards has a catalog stretching back to the '90s, and the Rebisus EP represents his continued commitment to instrumental synth experimentation — according to the liner notes, Benge started with simple rhythms but set up a system of "triggers & gates" to allow the pieces to grow organically. Intentionally or not, what these pieces most resemble on first blush is the icy, often sinister synth textures on Wire's Chairs Missing and 154.'

DJ/Producer : Cardiff
'I'm not sure what I've heard from 2013. You never know how long a track has stewed for! But the new Bluntskull & Blackout Ja single "Bus It In 2". It's on Irish Moss Records, got some great remixes, too. Big sunshiny reggae vibes. I'm hoping for much more like that in 2013. Everyone's been obsessed with dark filth for too many years now.'

Lisa Dank
Potstar : Seattle
'Well, I couldn't think of anything when you asked me, so I decided to go to my Soundcloud and see what was the first thing that popped up on my dash. Much to my pleasure, it was recently uploaded (and I mean recent, it was only an hour old on the internet) track from one of my favorite labels Car Crash Set. The song was "Fatal Attraction" by Monkey Wrench. I was glad because I love everything Car Crash Set puts out and particularly enjoyed this super danceable track. It was a perfect blend of future and traditional house sounds.'

James Freeman
Friend : Jersey City
[Crap For Genius]
'It's "barriers" by suede. This is not the sound of brett anderson "finding his demons" or whatever he was going on about at the time of suede's break up. Nor is this the sound of the fantastical — yet, we all knew, impossible — hybrid of dog man star and coming up he's been going on about as of late. It is, however, neither a complete disaster nor a legacy-tarnisher like it could — and, let's face it, probably should — be. What "barriers" is, though, is a pleasant toe-dip-to-test-the-waters type of song — and, given how easily it could have all gone horribly wrong, we'll give it to them. This time. Going forward, it's going to take a lot more than a fleshed-out "oxygen" sister song to convince us that this reunion wasn't a total waste of time, the biggest musical cock-tease of the young decade so far. As long as they stay out of their way and not let public opinion form band direction decisions again, they should be just fine. At worst, we'll end up with the back-to-everyone-else's-basics suede album done right. And a chance to redeem a new morning was well worth the wait.'

Haakon Latvala
DJ/Musician : Seattle
[London Loves]
'Yeah, it's fucking early for new 2013 tracks man?'