In this week's paper, on the occasion of Easy Street Records' Queen Anne store closing Jan. 18, we're running reminiscences by current and former Easy Street Records employees. We lacked space to include responses from all of the people interviewed, so I'm going to post them on Line Out throughout the next week. I hope this proves to be an entertaining slice of anecdotal history of Seattle's musical ecology.

(By the way, starting today, Easy Street QA is selling its used vinyl, CDs, DVDs at 40-percent off. New product is 20-percent off.)

KURT ALTERITY (used product manager, 2005-2013)
Best thing about working there?
The community.

Best in-store performance?
Macklemore—ON THE ROOF!

Craziest or strangest customer encounter?
Talking with Thurston Moore about noise for 30 minutes before I realized who he was.

How do you feel about the store closing?

KEVIN LA TRANCHE (vinyl buyer, off and on 2003-2012)
What was the best thing about working there?
Getting introduced to a ton of great music while hanging out with a bunch of amazing people. Also: first dibs on records!

What was the worst thing about working there?
Not being able to afford all the incredible records I found.

What was the best in-store performance you saw at Easy Street QA?
Toss-up between Dr. Dog and Dungen. CocoRosie was amazing and they drew me a picture, which I still have.

Craziest or strangest customer encounter?
There are too many, but one of my favorites is when someone asked me if he could unseal some records to listen to. When I told him he couldn't, he replied, "You need to get right with the Lord!"

How do you feel about the store closing?
I don't know what to say. It was a huge part of my life, and I'm really sad to see it go…