It's Over and Done, I Deleted All the Fugazi Off'a My iTunes™


I have a theory about people who claim they don't like Fugazi and you just played right in to it. Sad BC you are 1 of few people I would admit knows more about music than I do...and this post makes me lose respect in your usually solid opinions
*for...not in. Driving and typing NOT recommended
I remember that Fuel did a deliriously loopy cover of Jawbreaker's "Shield Your Eyes" and that I definitely liked them way better than Fugazi.
@1 what's the theory?
Fugazi should've just gone deeper into dub.
I can't fault you for this because it's not like Fugazi shows up on my turntable that often in the last few years, EXCEPT for 'End Hits'. that album is friggin' rad.
That people who claim to not like Fugazi (yet still like categorically similar bands w/ near identical formulaic sounds) say so merely BC Fugazi became "too mainstream"
( me like them) and they prefer to distance themselves from a band, that although genius, isn't "obscure" enough for them.

Or...maybe they just stopped liking em.
@7 I dont play that game, the obscure means BETTER game. That smacks of a hipster kid game. If I did play that game, I'd NOT write about anything obscure for fear of TELLING FOLKS about it. Part of being a record nerd IS not sharing!!

Losing my love for Fugazi is odd because in 1988 Fugazi did change EVERYTHING...well, most everything. Change was what we all expected from a DC band, at the time...DC had meant FORWARD since 1980. But to hear them NOW, it's obvious Fugazi didnt press forward past their first couple records. As for their being mainstream, they aren't...I dont think. For the record, I like some mainstream bands...I like BEST COAST!! Honestly!! I'm too old/deep to care about the scene/cool games; I have opinions cause Ive been engaged and listening to underground music for 30 years. Most of the groups that I liked from 1990 I STILL like (!!Jesus Lizard!!Laughing Hyenas!!)...I think it's Fugazi's/Don Zentitara (whatever his name is) clean production and the songwriting, that chunga-junga pace and Ian's voice (it RUINED Embrace for me), that has made me change my mind. So, dunno how that plays into your theory, but there you go.
I like Reggae!
@7 & 8

seriously, do people (besides a few random anecdotes here and there) actually say that en masse outside of high school age? it just seems like an accusation that gets lobbed back and forth, but no one actually says it with an ounce of sincerity.

also Mike, I like what you have to say here. Ian MacKaye's voice ruined Embrace for me too...and the band did change a lot of the game. the problem wasn't that Fugazi didn't push foward enough, but that the bands they inspired didn't think to move past them. the DC sound in the 80's was characterized by urgent, angry hardcore, maybe a little less meatheaded and more politically and socially aware than the NYC and Boston scenes. after Fugazi, the DC sound became synonymous with Hoover, Swiz and a thousand other bands that did the mid-tempo, rhythmic post-hardcore thing and overly focused on the "personal is political" concept. and the entire hardcore scene, not simply DC, was pretty much stuck in that rut for most of the 90's. Fugazi inspired people to mediocrity on a global scale. when they started to do different things, like 'End Hits' for example, was when old fans started getting turned off. hell, nearly everyone I knew hated 'The Argument' besides an ex-girlfriend who called it "the sexy Fugazi album"...I thought that was awesome.

sorry for the tangent, but I have a lot to say about this stuff. I didn't even touch on how Fugazi's implementation of a $5 door cover meant that DIY bands to this day get screwed when they tour.
Fugazi are my least favorite Ska band.
HS or not the Fugazi Effect is a real thing. Sounds like you have your own valid reasons for your change of heart MN..but busting your balls was fun.
@5: Yep, Dave.
I fell in love with Fugazi in 1993 when I bought "In on the Kill Taker" with my paper route money. I still listen to and love all of their albums (well, except maybe non-Long Division Steady Diet of Nothing) on itunes. So, yeah, sorry, you're wrong.
I like Cake, and, for that matter, cake.
I like Slacker and Tune In. Don't care about anyone's playlists or iTunes.
@12 Ms. Russell, BRING IT! Bust away, always!! :) Um...I wanna know what other bands are "too mainstream" to be liked/cool?

@10 Lee, I think a problem w/DC stagnating, and losing relevance, was cause DC was a tight somewhat exclusive scene and everyone eventually played with everyone else and when that ended, it ended. Then kids turned into adults so the magic only lasted till everyone who went to college, got to college. Or out of high school and had to work. Maybe. Outside of DC it really was over by 1985, hardcore was, it was all redundant... Also: I LIVE for tangents, keep em up!

Sonic Youth is another classic example of the Fugazi Effect in action... Too much mainstream radio play, early fans drop off.
Would say Violent Femmes, but they fall more under the Hometown Hate Effect...where a band has a huge local following but when they make it big, they lose local support. I was shocked at how EVERYONE in Milwaukee hated the Femmes.
@LEE, Argument as sexy has me baffled, but then I once did a striptease to Ani Difranco's Dilate (Wtf?!?) for an old each their own
@18 -- I'd watch that
Fugazi are still one of my favorite bands of all time, and i think their later records (from In On The Kill Taker on) hold up particularly well. They were a band that evolved musically (play Repeater followed by Instrument) and were able to branch out and take chances without losing their sense of urgency. They are also one of the few bands i can think of where i enjoy every record in their catalog.

but i'm saying this as a guy that posted about Fuel here on Line Out just a few weeks ago...
@18 Ms. Russell at some point I just quit buying Sonic Yoof records, still love 'em tho, up through Goo, I suppose...THAT never changed! I dont think I've bought any new SY LP since 1991 tho'. As for the Femmes, a high school GF LOVED that um, TAPE! THUSLY I CAN'T STAND THEM....or the Dead Milkmen! Thats via emotional scaring tho!!

@20 BRIAN! Right, the obit. Damn. It was after In On The Kill Taker, from '93 I think, my interest began to wane. For what it's worth I honestly hate I lost the Fugazi flavor.
Sonic Youth was always about the live shows. You might get a chance to see Thurston Moore do a quick improv set with eYe from the Boredoms as an encore.

Also @2: Thanks for the PSA. I was on the fence on that until your "not recommended," and then I realized that that breaking the law and potentially causing an accident in order to get a quick message posted into a comments section is probably a bad idea, so I'm typing this while stationary. Kudos.
@22 Thx Dad
@23 Your hardcore attitude has totally put me in my place. I bet you totally take all sorts of other risks too, like waiting six seconds to eat a chip off the floor, or parking over the painted lines in the grocery store parking lot.
chips are for fat people
the word itunes ended my reading.
heard Repeater when it came out, loved it, and 13 Songs.
i was really bummed out by Steady Diet - some friends dug it and so i heard it over and over again and thought it was garbage.
while bits of later albums were better, i really never got beyond Repeater.