Did you read Anna Minard’s review of King Crimson’s In the Court of the Crimson King in this week's paper and suffer acute myocardial infarction? (If so, you should chill; the column’s written from a humorous perspective by someone admittedly unschooled in the music about which she’s writing.) Do you revel in long, complex rock music played with virtuosity by high-IQ'd dudes and dudettes? Do odd time signatures get your brain spasming with pleasure? Yes yes yes? Then you may want to head to Hazlewood bar in Ballard tonight for PROG!, Seattle’s (America’s?) only DJ night dedicated to progressive rock. (Disclosure: I was part of the crew who did this night at the defunct Living Room from 2011-2012.) Just know that when prog inevitably blows up again in 2017, the PROG! posse was way ahead of the curve.

Gel-Sol (Andy Reichel) heads up the event, and he and his guest DJs—tonight John Felthous and Rsdio (Brian Willoughby)—play the cream of the crop from this oft-scorned genre and present it to you in an intimate setting upstairs at Hazlewood. You will be exposed to a lot of great music you’ve probably never heard before—and may never hear again out in public. More info here.