I've liked the the Cave Singers since I first heard Invitation Songs sometime in 2008. The feeling I get from their music is perfectly summed up in their video for "Dancing On Our Graves" from that same album. The spell one falls under listening to their hypnotic basslines must be what its like to be brainwashed by a cult. Life could be going to shit around you, your family can't believe someone got you to handle snakes, speak in tongues, and dance around like you're on fire, but you feel like a thousand warm suns are kissing your skin, like everyday worries are minuscule; you feel powerful, you feel loved.

If I had a voice like Pete Quirk, all scratchy and rare, I'd sing all day long about every goddamn thing. His esoteric, poetic lyrics are great, but let's be honest, he could make the weather report sound fucking epic. I missed them the last time they played my hometown in 2010, I had a real job then, so blame it on responsibilities, but I've always regretted not showing up for the show. Having thrown away any shot at being a grown up or having a real career since then, though, I wasn't about to miss this opportunity.

Church of The Cave Singers
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My date and I managed to get on a wait list for the capacity show, scarf some Hi-Fi pizza and some homemade energy drink (yeah, I don't know what the hell that means either, it was kind of like red bull I guess?) and when some sinners passed on the glory, we got in. Despite their sound changing quite a bit since 2007, their rhythms are still rooted in that Appalachian gospel. As a matter of fact, assisted by Morgan Henderson on bass (one more reason for me to celebrate the disbanding of Fleet Foxes), their rhythm section is even more batshit crazy than before. The highlight of the show for me though, was finally seeing Derek Fudesco in action inside of the actual cave that is the stage at the tiny Hi Fidelity Lounge. Fudesco gets hella-excited about his riffs, and was sweating and dancing like he caught the same holy spirit I did. Most of all I think the band likes their own music, they looked as gassed as the rest of the 60 or so blessed citizens of Bremerton with any musical taste (or blind luck) who ended up in Hi-Fidelity last night.

Their new album Naomi is out in March, and like their last three I believe it will be sanctified.