The Music Machine's place in rock's history will forever be attached to "Talk Talk" and the band's sense of badass style. They dressed in all black, colored their bowl cuts black, and all wore a single black glove. Their catalog is filled with genius—it's canon, of course. Still, I occasionally I'll find one of their songs that hasn't been burned into my brain. Specifically, this track, "You'll Love Me Again," is currently on today's repeat play.

I guess this track COULD be shoehorned into the sike-ish end of garage—it's delivered with quite a lysergic dose of frantic immediacy, tho' their best songs always did. However, the weight of the band's ATTITUDE curtails any "hippie" edge. The closest to them getting "properly" trippy was "The Eagle Never Hunts the Fly." It certainly out freaks a lot of the freak that was getting freaked out.