Obviously Black Flag is a most sacred cow and no one who holds them in any regard prolly, really, wants to hear a new record. I certainly don't. But then I understand THE WAR CAME AND WENT, it's over, the PUNK ROCKS LOST! Will it MATTER?! NO. This is an obvious cash in...so what; this ain't the first time sacred cows have been resurrected. Uh, the Sex Pistols, the Germs and even the Stooges have done it. So why should the cash grab of a "NEW" Black Flag be a shock? (sigh) Right, well if you are feeling conflicted you can always turn to "punk ethos" for resolution: DON'T BUY THE RECORD and DON'T GO SEE 'EM PLAY. It's a cash in, right?! Then don't give 'em your cash. Thing is...did ANYONE expect anything different from Ginn? I'm surprised it took this long.

Here, this'll help y'all feel better: Hank taking over a Black Flag interview and making a point about what "it" once was about, - moving forward, being true to yourself and (ahem) thinking, etc. He really rakes this poor, earnest kid over the "fuck fucking MRR" coals.