Flavorwire's 10 Most Beautiful Record Stores in the World


Tiny, but 12 Tónar in Reykjavík was rad. Had a spiral staircase and super cozy listening room. They even will pull an espresso for you to enjoy with your listening.

I tend to prefer my record stores on the shabby side, like the musty murk of Golden Oldies or the meticulous jumble (yes, that's possible) of Neptune. If I had to pick a beauty, I might go for Everyday Music on the Hill, in their newish spot (though I liked the old one better). The upstairs vinyl room in Easy Street West Seattle is quaint and charming.

There's a very attractive store way down in an obscure corner of Tacoma, on Garfield Street near PLU, called Disc Connection that has an attractive small but classic old-school layout. Freakbeat in Sherman Oaks is nice, but the most pleasant place to just hang out lookin' at records in LA I found was a bookstore/record store called Counterpoint in Hollywood.

The ugliest record store around today is Rasputin in downtown San Francisco, which not coincidentally has the worst stock of any store I've been in in a long time. The creepiest record store of all time, though, was a gem called "Music Music Music" in Hayward, CA, which featured not only records but giant heaps of used -- HEAVILY used -- porno mags, many without covers, and a clientele mostly comprised of junkies, alkies, and homeless dudes. One time I was in there with a guy who spent 45 minutes trying to sell a bag of used batteries to the clerk. Like, double-As. Upstairs there were stacks and stacks of 78s and a room literally heaped with LPs, just tossed in until the room was waist-deep. In a far corner or a different room was a mountain of dirty clothes, fifteen feet across, piled to the ceiling.

All-time in Seattle I will vote for the old Cellophane Square, in punk rock days before CDs.
The worst thing about Rasputin? The fact that you have to take an elevator up and down their 3 or 4 floors and that they make some poor wage slave work a shift doing nothing but pushing the floor buttons. It's like some sort of psychological experiment.