Winky-winky double entendre songs, written and recorded by teen boys during the '60s, ought not be a surprise. Uh... TEEN BOYS are gross, goofy and WAY TOO HOPEFUL, of course, and since '60s garage groups were mostly staffed by young teen BOYS, any chance to be DIRTY in the slightest, they'd try it. They'd insert a double entendre anywhere it could possibly be slipped in. For instance, everyone has heard "96 Tears," RIGHT? Well, legend has it originally the song was titled "69 Tears." "69" was a sexual position reference, obvs, but standards of "decency" got the 69 changed to 96. Smart move as that song charted and remains one of the biggest garage band hits, ever. Now then, this group, the Invictas were a hard working local New York state group, from Rochester, and here is their not so sneaky entry, "The Hump."

What a POUNDER! Wow, they really pulled out the stops on that one! "The Hump" was but ONE of this groups wink-winks, they also recorded another dirty anthem titled (ahem), "Do It." Oddly sounding like the Shadows of Knight for that one.