Okay, I usually have no interest in theater, musical theater, showtunes, barbershop quartets, etc, but I am losing my mind about the musical the ACT Theatre is putting together about women in grunge. These Streets is a fictional story based on 40 interviews with, and about, the "unsung" female heroes of 90's grunge. Rumor has it Peter Richards of Dude York will be playing in one of the bands, and the musical numbers will feature recreations of songs by the likes of 66 Saints, 7 Year Bitch, Bell, Capping Day, Danger Gens, Faster Tiger, Flood, The Gits, Hammerbox, Incredible Force of Junior, Kristen Barry, Maxi Badd and more. Hopefully the combat boots and Babes in Toyland t-shirts will be flowing freely both onstage and in the audience... These Streets premieres on February 21, 2013 at ACT Theatre in downtown Seattle, tickets on sale here.