The Guardian's Jon Savage Picks His Top Twenty GLAM Jamz


"dark, frowning, reactionary and cynical"

Because Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, Diamond Dogs, Roxy's "In Every Dreamhome A Heartache," Metro's "Criminal World," etc. were all bundles of joy.
I think Makeup would be a better Lou Reed choice than Vicious...but that's just me.
I always think of Glam as the "Gender Identity" bands, so the Stooges work on that list for me...dark, cynical, yeah...but also conjuring images of beautiful heroin-thin Trannys
Oh...also Hanoi Rocks should be on the list
@1 uh, yeah the Stooges were way more "dark, frowning, reactionary and cynical." They certainly had no art school pretense as some of the English groups. Bowie/Roxy/Metro were certainly "artists" fit for glitter, not yobs sucking down pints, huffing gas or banging dope. Well, the Spiders might'a been that kinda working class, but Bowie was shooting for smart as he was only singing about a "lad's" life, not his own reality. Also have you seen/heard any live Spiders shows? Ziggy was theater, he adored the attention of the audience, Iggy used rednecks as bait.
Hanoi was still laughing
why the hell isn't "Baby's On Fire" anywhere on that list? also, there are a lot better and less obvious Slade songs than "Cum On Feel The Noise". just because Quiet Riot got popular by covering that song doesn't mean it's automatically important.