OMGMBV: My Bloody Valentine Actually Released a New Album Last Night


Been checking it out today, listened all the way through once, and some cuts here and there; sounds great. They stick to the formula, they don't embarrass themselves with an attempt to modernize, and they still have the goods. A worthy successor.
it's really nice. looking forward to a long piece from segal on this.
I know it's a good album when I look forward to hearing it again. Good for them releasing it themselves. Looking forward to the vinyl because the high quality digital download included sounds really good.
My first listen suggests that it sounds a whole lot like My Bloody Valentine. Will give it another spin to confirm.
I know I'm old, but $22 seems pretty expensive for a CD.
I was hoping for a little more. The formula is there -- fuzz, pitch wobble, dreamy vocals -- but it doesn't seem like they're doing anything new. Or maybe I've just moved on. I guess I was hoping for more fuck-you kook avant-gardisms, like Scott Walker's recent "Bish Bosch" -- in particular, more tonal variety. There's some good bits -- I like the marching-band drums on "In Another Way" -- at least it has some rhythm to it -- and "Wonder 2" gets pretty weird. Maybe the other songs will grow on me. The backgrounds are pretty dense, who knows what's in there.

What I really want, of course, is "Sunny Sundae Smile" redux. But that's never going to happen.

It's cool that it's such an "event", though -- seems like there aren't too many of those anymore.

@5, the marginal cost of the CD is only $6, since the download is $16. I hope they sell a million of them.
I know I'm irrational. I know it's been 22 years in the making. I know I've spent $16-$22 on much dumber things.

But I'm with @5. I'm not paying $16 for a download. Not for anybody.

I'm so behind on new music anyway that there are records I've owned for months and have yet to hear.

Call me when there's an $11 general release for sale at Sonic Boom.
I see what you're saying and have no room to say anything given my (paid) spotify addiction, but a $5 barrier to paying money directly to a band for their work vs. the hassle of waiting for it to get marked down at a record store all the way across town where the band will see a fraction of that money isn't really a contest for me.