This is the album cover...


These are the tracks on the album...

1. Iridescent Asteroid Mists (feat. Palaceer Lazaro) 04:30
2. Particle (feat. Anna Marie + KMP) 04:14
3. Life Forms (feat. Irene Barbaric) 04:58
4. The Marianas Trench 00:57
5. Quetzalcoatlus 04:05
6. Holocene Halocline (feat. Jahcoozi) 02:22
7. Prismatic 01:52
8. In The Temple Where I Found Self (feat. Rude Boutique) 03:12
9. Filament (Incantation) 03:11
10. Iris + Clavicle 01:24
11. Æon + Trevor (feat. John Rafter Lee) 01:42
12. Quenched Consciousness 05:02
13. Ecophony Infinitum (feat. Erik Blood) 04:57

The artist featured on the album's last track, Erik Blood, also co-produced and mixed the album.

And last but not least, an amazing track from the album...

Yes, that's the Shabazz all up in Vod's galaxy. I will say this simply: I rate SYN-ÆSTHETIC as the most important local album since Erik Blood's Touch Screens.