Well FUCK. Reg Presley, singer for the UK beat group, the Troggs died today. He'd been having a rough go, health wise, the last couple years with strokes, pneumonia, and lung caner; he was 71.

If there ever was a proper garage group to come outta the UK it was the Troggs. EVERYONE knows "Wild Thing," right? When I was a kid the Kingsmen and the Troggs were the first groups I heard that sounded (ahem) punk. It was like they didn't care, the singer didn't have a "good" voice and the songs were stripped down and simple, their riffs were the beat, the beat were the riffs. Perfect! Then, in middle school, I got that double LP on Sire and found other songs, some goofy fluff, but then there were heavies like "I Can Only Give You Everything." HOLY SHIT! It was a cover, in fact, but one which suited them so well it took me a long time to suss it was actually a Them track. Anyways, here is one of my fave Trogg's tracks, penned by Presley...a perfect proto-glam jam if there ever was one!