Sasquatch! 2013: The Line-Up


Tame Impala ?
I think I like how this lineup will simultaneously leave different people some combination of ecstatic, enraged, befuddled, pleasantly surprised, and slightly disappointed.

For me personally, this is the strongest lineup since Björk played. Stuff I'm excited about: Solange, Earl Sweatshirt, NACHO!!!, Grimes, Azealia Banks, Danny Brown, El-P, Killer Mike (please get those 3 onstage together), Schoolboy Q + Ab-Soul, the xx, Sigur Rós, OCnotes, Torche...

...but I probably won't be able to afford it. :/
Those Ustreamers were champs.
fuuuuuuuck Vampire Weekend

but I still wanna go real bad
Primus 3D? Holographic Les Claypool?
@2 Agreed. I think I'm all 5, somehow
@3: that was the only time I went, loved it, and swore I'd never return. BUT THEN A WILD SOLANGE APPEARED ON THE LINEUP and I am now seriously questioning it. But it's kind of a moot point since I have no job and apparently taking a toddler to the Gorge isn't a good thing.
It's kind of fucked that they are only offering minimum 4 day + camping pass so you can't spend less than $350. But whatevs the condo rockers will be stoked.
@6 that is the most do-nothing boring-ass song ever touted on KEXP DJ's top-ten lists and I fucking hate it.
fuckin wit it
I don't know what feels more odd: that I've seen nearly half of the big marquee names (Vampire Weekend, The xx, Lumineers) play at tiny Sonic Boom Records; or that I never got into any of them enough to care that they're defining bands of the era who can play to tens of thousands.

Taste is weird.
@13 #humblebrag
How to solve the problem of having to choose between all the various bands you could ask to play at your festival:- don't make any selection and just ask them all.

Seriously, that line-up just seems like a curatorial cop-out.
in fairness, that xx show at sonic boom was super crowded and a little bit weird. it's impressive that a band that seemed too introverted to play a record store is now (presumably?) playing big print sets at music festivals.
@ Josh

Hey, I was there too and my goodness was it crowded. I just wish they had the lights on.
@16: I would agree with that.

I had a bit of a "not ready for prime time" reaction to their first album, to the point where I was frankly shocked it took off the way it did.

But I like what I've heard of Coexist a lot, so perhaps prime time is now. Still not sure how it will translate on a windswept ravine-side stage, but I certainly wish them luck.
Not really feeling this lineup, at least enough to spend 350 bucks on four days of dealing with high school kids who took shrooms for the first time while trying to see a bunch of marginally meaningful bands that none of us will care about in ten years.
@9 - The only two times I've went were free (won tickets to the year the Pixies played, Arcade Fire played at 4 in the afternoon, Joanna Newsom was on a side stage, and the only non-College Dropout song Kanye was playing yet was "Gold Digger;" Björk was a birthday present) but I think I'd actually pay for this year's if I could afford it. Which brings me to...

@10 - I loved living in Portland around Sasquatch time the last couple years.

>marginally meaningful bands that none of us will care about in ten years

that is a quotable goddamn quote