Here's another in a group of posts of videos made from VHS tapes that I found at the video store that I haven't seen since I was a youngster. This one is particularly exciting for me, as I love the Dicks a whole lot. Sometime near 2003 I sold a painting to Lynn Perko, who was the drummer for this (later) version of the Dicks. She's totally lucky that I didn't know who she was at the time, because I would have been TOTALLY ANNOYING.

I can't find a whole lot of info on this one, other than it was released by ACE Video and was probably "one of the very last performances from this infamous hardcore band. All hell busts loose & gets thrown in your face. 14 songs." I can tell you this: the quality is excellent and the version of "Dead in a Motel Room" at 12:30 is pretty fucking blistering when you listen to it really loud.