What You're Not Wearing: Clothing Swap Edition!!


So fun! And that purple dress is really great!
"This belt"-"These heels" is impressive in the attractive making powers of that purple dress and the funckability-sucking powers of that dark ensemble.
The girls frequently look better; the guys without exception look worse. But then that statement is generally true in every context.
this challenges my preconceptions of gender roles.
What is wrong with men today, that they don't have any dignity?
care to give credit for this idea?

@6 Yes! Totally 100% inspired by her project, I wanted to try it out for my own fashion column since I saw it awhile ago. It was SO fun to work on.
@6, credit is the least. There's some well-done ones on the website.
Too bad I wear a men's 13 shoe. It's hard to find that size in a pump, let alone a heel. Otherwise, my wife and I switch clothes for fun too.
@9, Nordstrom Rack can help you sometimes. Also, there used to be a cross-dressing shop up on Broadway that had lots of pumps and heels in jumbo man sizes.
Now do it with non hipsters.
This is brilliant!
shoes seem to be the hardest for the guys - you can wear too-big shoes for a photo and it generally looks funny, but there's not much you can do to fit into shoes that are way too small. Kudos to the last guy for not only wearing the heels but working them!
You should put credit into the body of your post, instead of leaving it in the comments. Just saying.
1-4: Greg Proops Jr., Civil War Veteran Who Fell Through A Time Hole, Adam Pally's Doppelganger, Jamiroquai's Little Brother
Great tits.
I find myself strangely aroused.
Somebodies gonna have gender bending hot sex!
Couple #3 pulls it off best, though #4 aren't bad either.
@5: You're projecting your crippling insecurity on others. I've got more dignity than you, thankfully.
@10: I need a drag bud to take me to the Rack, I can never find anything decent in my size.
Couple #3 both look better swapped.
@5 How awkward for you that your identity and manhood lies in the seat of your pants and not in the heart of your actions.
Girls are so wee.
@20, @23: A woman shouldn't lift her shirt just because somebody yells "show us your tits!" Likewise, don't do something like this just because someone asks. If you are going to make a spectacle of yourself, do it for your own reasons. Don't do it just because you think it makes you look like a cool liberated guy. It's like the old saying, if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.

When in doubt, ask yourself, what would Humphrey Bogart do?
@25: This is not shameful, and it is not "making a spectacle".

It's charming, and you're a classless insecure douche.
my goodness, I love this. you are such a gem.
I should add, I have no problem with a man dressing like a woman because he likes dressing like a woman. I have a problem with doing it because you think it makes you look like a sensitive new-age guy. Just like a girl shouldn't show her boobs to get people to like her. Know who you are, is what I'm saying.
@28 - it's a fucking photo essay. you think all models in all pictures dress that way on the regular just because they wore the clothes in a photo? you must be some kind of moron. do you get confused at halloween when you see everyone in costumes?

@28 - i can't believe she wears these shoes all the time because somebody told her to for a photo shoot. her feet must be hamburger meat by now.

@25: "When in doubt, ask yourself, what would Humphrey Bogart do?"

Not give a fuck about your opinion, for one. If being a "real man" is being comfortable in one's own skin, I'd say it's being performed more than successfully.

@28: "I have a problem with doing it because you think it makes you look like a sensitive new-age guy"

If you're so set on your strict gender binaries if you can't stand any lighthearted variance, the issue is you. Not the "SNAG" or whatever slurs you're tossing around.

You're obsessing about what other people think about you to the point where you're telling others what they're allowed to do in public. Get help, dude. You care far too much and it's bleeding into you being literally intolerant about the fun of others.
@29: The dudes were all forced to! Don't they know that some tiny-dicked jagoff is judging them from afar? Who are they trying to impressssssssssss[gets the vapors and passes out]
Interesting how the responses to me have consisted almost entirely of ad-hominem attacks.

The reason I am reacting to this seemingly-trivial photo essay is because it is just one example of the ways masculinity is under attack. Women today have tons of ways to feel great about being women (grrl power, the belief that every time they succeed at something they are bringing barriers down, etc.)

But in a country where 7-year-old boys are suspended from school for pretending a stick is a gun, and talking to a woman in a coffee shop is considered dangerous harassment, men don't have the same support.

What is the point of this photo essay anyway? Men and women wear different clothes?

Part of dignity is having enough respect for yourself that you don't let other people clown you or make you look ridiculous. My answer would have been, "Sorry, that's not for me." THAT is feeling comfortable in your own skin.
@33 and i'm sure we should be able to celebrate "white pride" and have a "white history month." i mean, the blacks get all the fun!

oh I get it...this is satire.


we should hang out more.
@33: "The reason I am reacting to this seemingly-trivial photo essay is because it is just one example of the ways masculinity is under attack"

Yes, it's going through its death throes. I'm glad it hurts your fee-fees and makes you confused. Perhaps one day you'll understand.
@33 Yes they are ad-hominem attacks because your person is worthy of being attacked.
@ 36 so you want masculinity to die. Do you feel the same way about femininity? When will the unisex grey coveralls be issued?

Piece of advice, y'all: when you respond to someone's reasoned, calmly offered opinion with hysterical invective, it just makes you look bad...like you aren't as confident in your views as you appear. It seems I have hit a nerve. You doth protest too much.