• Poster by Joe Vollan
You know what doesn't suck? This bill:
The driving guitars of Olympia's Survival Knife, the bludgeioning bass lines and holler-rock of Princess, Christdriver's growl, and the stoner drone and badass beats of Bali Girls.

You may remember the glory days of our youth when metal meant something—when kids were actually scared of bands like Slayer, When Iron Maiden ruled England, when Satan and Metal laughed hand in hand at the feeble minded of Earth who played records backwards, and then killed themselves in the name of Judas Priest. I do (or at least I remember the threat of that happening if you listened to Ozzy at the right volume on the right day). Well, every one of these bands has that feeling.

Get your ass to the Sunset Tavern tomorrow!

Sunset Tavern // 9:30pm // $8