Welcome to Purse Thursdayz! Every week, I'll be looking into the purses, bags, and satchels of some of Seattle's finest women—seeing exactly what they are carrying around all day. Catching purses in their natural environment is very important, so these ladies do not know they are going to be interviewed. Shall we?

After a most delicious lunch at Salumi with a good friend, I found myself in Lower Queen Anne and decided to bum rush Sarah's office immediately upon walking past it. Sarah is the Director of Development and Community Relations at SAMA by day and an avid Cam'ron supporter by night. She is co-founder of Cafe Society, an ex-DJ that likes making her own earrings, and is one half of Christmas rap duo Holigang. After she finished a taste test for the new Lays' potato chip, she gladly started to pull things out of her bag.

Sarah, 38. Yellow leather tote, 3:30pm, office building.
  • Sarah, 38. Yellow leather tote. 3:30pm. Office building.

Where did you get the purse?
My mom got it at a fake market in Shanghai. She decided it wasn't good for carrying her laptop and had too many pockets. She gave it to me in November after she kept losing things inside of it. It happens.
What kind of purse is it?
By looking at the imprinted tree logo on the inside I can tell that it is 100% Mulberry knock-off.
Is this your everyday go to purse?
I use it everyday, but mainly just for work. This thing is way too big to take out at night.
It looks pretty big for a night out on the town.
It has huge pockets!! I think I mainly use it for work because I can use it for grocery shopping after. Don't nobody want to be paying for paper bags these days.
Can we take a look inside?

• Loaf of Country Buttermilk bread
• Trader Joe's peanut butter
• Keys
• Mom's car keys
• Red Louis Vuitton wallet

Is that real Louis?
No! It's also a knock-off. Another gift from Shanghai given to me as a part of an employee incentive. Oh shit, I can hear my friends now, "I always knew you were bootleg, Sarah. This just confirms it!"

• Two iPhone wall chargers
• Three tampons

Are those Mardi Gras tampons? The packaging is so festively colored.
It's funny you say that! They come in this sleek black box and are all pinks and purples. My boyfriend always makes fun of me saying these are my clubbin' tampons.

Are those Mardi Gras tampons?
  • "Are those Mardi Gras tampons?"

• Zinc tablet
• Necklace*
• Stack of disheveled papers

What are all these papers?
Well, this is some old grocery lists and these are just a bunch of printed out emails.
You print out your emails?
Sometimes you have to! These are for some guest list thing and then there are some for this pending lawsuit I am dealing with.
Can I ask more about that?

• Two single dollar bills
• AT&T protection plan pamphlet
Baby Lips lip balm

That's the new heat right there. All the women have that these days, and they have different colors if you want it. I just like the natural one.

• Two blue push pins
• Clear nail polish
• Target coupons
• Two gold-plated buttons

Damn, I wonder what those buttons are for… Wait! Oh shit! They are for the jacket I am wearing today. See? Here and here, I need to put these back on. If only I can find one more, I'd be set.
Maybe you should check your other purses. Is there anything else in there?

• Burt's Bees beeswax lip balm
• Plastic organic food bag

Well, you don't really need that because of your grocery bag purse.
It's true! I think I grabbed it for a lot of vegetables but then decided to just grab one or something and shoved that into my purse.

• Gap receipt
• Loose change
• Hair scrunchie
• Tweezers

Fuck, I lost those too! And why do I even have a scrunchie? I have had short hair for a while now.
What's that middle part of the purse?
It's just in different sections. Left side, right side, and then this middle part.
It looks like it comes out. Is that a purse inside your purse?
Yea, Crazy! You can take the inside out and use it as a shoulder bag, and then just have the outside part be a big tote bag.
So you have been carrying a purse around inside your purse...
Don't tell my mom about this, cause then she will know she could have fit her laptop in there!
Well, now you have your grocery tote bag and your clubbin' purse at the same time. You are good to go.
It's true, but damn I must really be a hoarder. I hate seeing things go to waste and this purse has only been helping me. I don't fucking get it. I live across the street from my office, why am I carrying this crap back and forth each day?
I don't know, Sarah. I carry a wallet.

*Sarah said that if anyone wanted this necklace, let her know and they can have it.