(Cairo) Gig of the night! Ex-Emeralds guitarist Mark McGuire is one of America's leading proponents of the sort of sweet-toned kosmische soaring and strumming practiced by Manuel GÖttsching, GÜnter Schickert, and Popol Vuh's Daniel Fichelscher in the '70s. Under various pseudonyms, ex-Skaters synth magus Spencer Clark takes Jon Hassell's Fourth World Music/microbial drone tapestries to darker, more disorienting realms. He's not to be missed. The Numbs (Seattle treblemaker Jeff Johnson), as I keep pounding into your apathetic skulls, is a first-class reality-distorter in the vein of Black Dice, a comparison I never make lightly. His People cassette funhouse-mirrors "rock" and "dance" music into exotic grotesqueries. Marcus Price furthers this bill's normality-mocking quotient with ruptured, psychedelic, abstract electronic whatsit.