Were going on that Megadeth kinda vibe.
  • "We're going on that Megadeth kinda vibe."
In this week's Sound Check, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's Bizzy Bone reveals that he does not know who Macklemore is.

Up in Seattle, we're exploding with Macklemore. You know Macklemore?

Bizzy Bone: No. Inform me.

Rapper out of Seattle. He has a song called "Thrift Shop" that went double platinum, number one song in the world. He did it all pretty much independent.

Independence is good. Eazy always preached that. Anything that's a great idea is a great idea.

What's changed for Bone Thugs in 20 years?

I'd say maturity. And Krayzie Bone is back with us and talking to us again. Krayzie don't really talk too much. He's a quiet guy. And when he shares his musical ideas and opinions, it just turns the whole crew into something beautiful. When Eazy died, we were lost; life was messed up. We're back on our feet—the odds aren't stacked against us. As long as we ain't all crackheaded out on some Key & Peele shit, looking all homeless and lost, we're good. We get our publishing. We got granddad money. We are the Beatles, nigga. Take us or leave us, that's what we are. Flat out.

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony play two shows tonight at Neumos. An early show has been added at 6 PM. Tickets here.