Did Macklemore Sellout With New NBA Ad?


Seems to me that Macklemore is telling a story of personal experience with these lyrics, and as such, it's reasonable that the story has many facets. His previous criticism of Nike and sneakerhead consumerism in one version need not be mutually exclusive from the youthful joys he celebrates in the NBA cut. So, no sellout; art is adaptive.
This is a reality. It's not a commercial for sneakers -- which would be questionable, but let's be real not out of the question in this marketplace/economy -- it's for the NBA All Star Game. And it's really well done. I just hope they got paid.
i'd venture to guess his (logical, given that he wrote a song about sneakers) love of the NBA trumped any political agenda he may have. people usually become sneaker heads, at least in the basketball sense of the word, because of an initial love of the game and/or NBA, not vice versa (folks becoming basketball fans b/c of an interest in high end shoes). maybe there are sneakerheads for other kinds of shoes, but i'd say those folks are just into fashion and/or other kinds of shoes, that term has always had a basketball connotation to me.
the other side to this arguement is, of course, that a #1 single or album automatically makes one a sellout, regardless of whatever their messages or agendas are (thrift stores, not being cooler b/c of gym shoes, etc.). not that i necessarily agree with this argument, but so it goes.
In this context, this song loses all of the grit and just becomes a heavy-breathed dream of being in the NBA. No reality, no tragedy, just youthful dreaming. I get why the NBA would want this song in their promo, but it makes no sense (aside from exposure) for Macklemore to sign on with this treatment. I hope they paid him in Air Jordans.
My fave comic Mary Charlene tweeted yesterday "Macklemore is Ke$ha with a dick." Why?
No Charles, he saved Hip Hop...remember?!

I am a hater and I am drinking my haterade or whatever you want to say however everytime I hear this song I am reminded of slam poets from the late 80's early 90's with the start slow, quietly...build up and then start yelling to make your prose clear to the listener you mean business. Ugh, I love my hoops but this song sucks.