Harlem, On The Harlem Shake


I'm not gonna pretend that I'm outraged at the cultural appropriation, because I had never heard of the original Harlem Shake until now, but I'm really really hoping that this will help kill the meme.
Stop Doing the Fucking Harlem Shake: http://noisey.vice.com/blog/stop-doing-t…

"I'm not a nerd whose thirst for authenticity causes me to huff, arms crossed with my hands under my armpits whenever anyone co-opts any little thing ever, and I'm not an Oompa-Loompa representing the Buzzkill Guild. Promise. But whenever I look at an Internet full of (mostly) white people doing a bastardized version of a dance that has the same name as another dance (and lest we forget, is named after fucking Harlem), and they're doing that dance to Trap, a style of EDM that took the name (and some sonic signifiers) of an already-existent style of hip-hop that had a very specific set of sociopolitical implications, and people aren't finding it at least a little problematic, it makes me feels like I'm taking crazy pills."