Seattle electronic-music producer Lusine (Jeff McIlwain) has his new album, The Waiting Room (Ghostly International), streaming at Hype Machine. It’s his first since 2009’s A Certain Distance, which was the Lusine release that really broadened awareness of his work.

The Waiting Room continues in a similar accessible vein, with Lusine displaying serious melodic prowess and creating alluring and danceable foundations for vocalists to emote over. He’s managed to channel his prodigious production skills—which were used to create cerebral, abstract IDM in his pre-A Certain Distance output—into sleek vehicles for dancing and romancing. There’s also a rock-solid cover of Electronic’s “Get the Message,” a long-time favorite of McIlwain’s that he finally got around to properly homaging. His sister wife Sarah McIlwain sings Bernard Sumner’s lyrics in an aptly sangfroid, dulcet tone.

Slowly but surely, Lusine has become one of Seattle’s top exports for classy electronic music. The Waiting Room is anything but a purgatorial yawn; it's a patently Lusine-esque, low-key triumph.