Black Hills, Dust Moth, and Slow Bird play tonight at Black Lodge. All Ages. $8. Someone said there might be balloons. Set times are: Slow Bird at 9:00, Dust Moth at 9:45, and Black Hills at 10:30. I spoke with Black Hills and Slow Bird about scratch-n-sniffs. The hard questions. Black Hills includes members of Minus the Bear, the Lonely Forest, and the Quiet Ones. Solid, sunned in songs. Allman Brothers-ish in a good way. Slow Bird posts and hoists post shoegaze indie-ness into the night sky.

Dust Moth is members of Eighteen Individual Eyes, These Arms Are Snakes, Shift, Undertow, and Sparkmarker. This is Dust Moth’s first show. The Dust Moth launches. Oil-fang sprung from insect haunches. Really excited to see and hear this band, as the teasers they’ve put up have not quenched enough.

(Slow Bird) What has Slow Bird been up to? What is your never-ending fight against?

Jennae Quisenberry: Slow Bird lately has been working on expanding our twitter impact while we await for our album to be hopefully released sometime this Spring. There may be balloons at the show tonight. Our song/sound-writing process is essentially a chronicle of our never-ending fight against a demonic bird that perpetually attempts to destroy our band. Little does he know all he needs to do is stub any toe on Matt's left foot.

If your music were a scratch n sniff scent, what would it be?

Laphroig. 18 year. Single malt peated whiskey from Islay. The most richly flavored scotch in the World. We're an acquired scent.

What is the worst band name you've ever heard in your life?

Quisenberry: Anything with bird in it. It's so cliché.

Expound more on the scent of bands with word bird in their name.

Vegan Cheese

(Black Hills) How did Black Hills form? What did you feel you needed to harvest with it?

Erin Tate: David Totten and I have been playing for about a year now. We wrote our first few songs, then realized we wanted to go in a fully different direction. We needed to harvest our inner Ghost Buster and Charles Manson

If your music were a scratch n sniff scent, what would it be?

Shit... cuz we smell like shit?

What is the worst band name you've ever heard in your life?

Black Hills, because I like making fun of myself. Hoobastank. Chumbawamba. Phish. Todd and the Big Head Monsters. Bowling for Soup. Limp Bizkit. Bush.

If those bands were scratch n sniff scent, what would it be?

Bull shit, because they smell like an actual bull's shit?