(Crocodile) Underground DIY lo-fi pioneer R. Stevie Moore is finally reaping the rewards of his sui generis craft, after decades of toiling in obscurity. Now that his unkempt hair and beard are totally white, lots of young'uns are paying attention to the man's torrent of ingenious songwriting—at once earwormy and off-kilter, jauntily eccentric and subtly sinister—thanks to endorsements from artists like Ariel Pink and T.v. Coahran. The latter's ggnzla label has issued some great work by Moore, and now Coahran and his hero have cut a cassette under the name Prohibituary titled In One Fell Swoop. It's a lovable jumble of ragged, splenetic rock that zags when you think it's going to zig, and vice versa. The songs have a spontaneous charm and manic energy; they're ambitious and accessible in unusual ways. Moore, please.