[I’ll Give You a Break is a sporadic series of posts highlighting obscure (and not so obscure) breakbeats in unlikely places, so that they may be sampled by producers or just enjoyed for their own geeky purposes. NB: Don’t forget to clear all samples through the proper channels (cough).]

In honor of the recent passing of the excellent singer/songwriter Kevin Ayers, let’s dedicate this edition of I’ll Give You a Break to his composition “Lunatics Lament” from one of his best works, 1970’s Shooting at the Moon, which Welsh rogues Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci declared to be the best album ever. “Lunatics Lament” (we’re still wondering what happened to that apostrophe) is one of Ayers’ hardest-rocking moments ever, a rowdy boogie with a flamboyantly flammable guitar solo by Mike Oldfield (yes, the Tubular Bells guy—shocka!), a fantastic undulating bass line by Ayers himself, and one of rock’s great chaotic climaxes. But for sampling purposes, go to the first four seconds and build something your art-rock buddies can nod their heads to (you may have to pitch it down to -6).

[Bonus: Here's an interview with Ayers from 2007 by former Seattle denizen Pat Thomas.]