Last time we caught up with 50 Cent, he was making mad scrilla macking the ladies on QVC. Today's sighting found Cent at the Daytona 500, trying to mack on FOX's Erin Andrews, who deftly evades his attempt at a kiss on the lips, immediately saying "I gotta go talk to Danica Patrick. Good to see you," and then, as she's backing away and holding the mic like it's a 10-foot-pole, "What are you doing here?" before making a run for it. But it's too late! Cent's lady-seeking sites are set, and, uninvited, he joins the search for Patrick, holding onto the small of Andrews's back as she desperately tries to act like she's not attempting to evade him. Unfortunately, the report is cut short prior any discussion with the intended interviewee, possibly because Cent was on lock and there was no shaking him.