Havi, formerly Havi Blaze (and formerly of the group The Realest), is the consummate scene underdog—scrappy, cornered-feeling, frustrated with being slept upon; he's also one of the best pure rappers (and producers) out here. His new video is directed by Art Vandelay's Ricky Pharoe, who's been making some promising forays into video work as of late.

BeanOne and his Yuk movement soldier on via his and Fearce's work (maybe you saw them open for Rakim the other night), pushing a nu-classic grown-but-grimy boom-bap; at a little past halfway in this video, the mightliy marching drums die down and Bean's newest associate, an MC by the name of Romaro Franceswa, kicks a breathless, made-to-make-you-think flow.