OMG YOU GUYS! Rick is returning to General Hospital so he can again play Dr. Noah Drake and melt housewives' hearts and stuff! AGAIN. And it's not like he even needs the money. His book probably made him a millionaire X 2! Hopefully he's not still suffering from his sex addiction!

Speaking of throbs, Rick's son Liam Springthorpe* is gonna be on the show, too! Here's the hot scoop on Rick's feelings about returning to work on the show, as told to

I don't think any of us are good at keeping in touch. It's like workmates that you like, or you get together with an old band and you are instantly back to where you were. There's nothing that needs to be maintained. It wasn't that kind of friendship. It was a work thing.

Riveting stuff, Rick!

*I did not make up this name. I tried to learn more about Mr. Springthorpe, but his Wikipedia did not display on the first page of Google results, so I gave up.

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