Alternative Tentacles will release the final Akimbo album, Live to Crush, on Record Store Day (April 20). The Seattle power trio's swan song comes out on vinyl in a hand-numbered edition of 500 and will also be available digitally through iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, and other outlets.

Live to Crush finds Akimbo—Jon Weisnewski (bass/vocals), Nat Damm (drums), and Aaron Walters (guitar)—sounding as vehement and volcanic as ever. The controlled rage and coiled, bludgeoning noise rock of these nine song will warm the cochlea of Melvins and Jesus Lizard fans. Live to Crush is an honorable and memorable way to cap off a nearly 15-year run.

Check out a video of Akimbo playing live at Neumos and the group's explanation for breaking up after the jump.

We decided to stop playing because Aaron is leaving the band for non-dramatic reasons. He just wants to do other stuff. Nat and I are completely busy/fulfilled with our various other projects and see no need to drag you people through any more nonsense than you deserve. Also, Aaron is really good, and rather than try and outshine his contributions we'd rather be lazy and just do other bands.
The decision was totally boring. We talked for a bit, agreed it was the best call, and started talking about the last show. Nobody punched anyone, nobody was the asshole, voices were not raised. So far in my experiences breaking up with a band is way easier than breaking up with a girl.
Akimbo has been actively playing shows since October of 1998. That's roughly 14 & 1/2 years, which is longer than I did anything else. Including school.
We have almost a whole album written. We might try and record some songs, we might not. It all boils down how little of a pain in the ass that is going to be and if any labels are foolish awesome enough to release a half complete record that will never be performed.
Counting touring guitar players, Aaron was the band's 11th member.
We released 6 albums. I love and hate all of them equally.
The single greatest influence on this band is/was Nomeansno. If you are reading this and don't know them you need to correct that.
When we started booking tours the internet wasn't a thing. We used phones and we cold called angry people who did not want to talk to you.
When I try to think of bands that can outdrink us night for night on tour I really have to dig deep. Saviours is probably the closest. Lords' original line up also came close. Everyone else got dusted.
Five vans have fallen under our touring battle cry.
I think my favorite show of the band's lifetime was a last minute show to 20 people in a wine cellar in Paris, France. It went off like a pipe bomb. You weren't there.
Considering the casual nature of all this I'm not going to say we'll NEVER play again. It could happen with the right circumstances. We'll probably be fat and gross and if you go you'll probably be initially stoked but end up disappointed that it wasn't as good as you remember. Just to be dramatic I want to put a ridiculous disclaimer on that, so I'll say we won't play a reunion show unless it is also Botch's reunion show.
I don't care if you never liked this band. It was always for me, never for you. You were just a happy accident.

... that being said ... Ferocious and sincere thanks to all of our friends and supporters. We have had a gift of an experience and take none of it for granted. Each one of you have a seat saved at our banquet hall in Valhalla.

Have a good time all the time.