MTNS are on tour right now with Oakland band Laughters (I'm green with taco/swimming hole/Lone Star jealousy!) and as usual, Arizona cops seem a little overzealous in their policing... as well as their Facebook activity.


Yep, that's a comment from the officer that stopped them on Monday. MTNS drummer Daniel reports from the road:

We were on our way to New Mexico for a show at The Plant and we got pulled over for failing to wait three seconds to get in front of a semi. The cops said they could smell a vague scent of marijuana. They asked to search us and since we knew we didn't have anything, we agreed.

They patted us down and had us stand on the side of the road for three hours where we smoked cigarettes and attempted to do yoga. They found a Horse mask, sea shells from the redwood forest, and a pyramid headdress made by our friend Adair Tudor in the van. When the cops searched my bag, they found an Enya cassette and Valentine's candy hearts. They were highly confused/amused by our choice of lifestyle, but they seemed to come to the conclusion we were harmless weirdos.

The officer who ended up posting on our Facebook wall said (during the detainment), "I thought you guys were in a heavy band," and sang the line "come sail away." He asked how to find our band on the internet. We explained how to find us and he looked up a video of us from when we played the Crocodile (with "this is the first time the cops have ever been called to the Crocodile" as the description). He stopped watching after 30 seconds (I think seeing me in a white nightgown might have had something to do with it).

They finished the search and let us leave with our mason jar of whiskey three hours behind schedule... so no, officer, we didn't make our New Mexico show.

Well, good thing you can't go to jail for a faint weed smell, even in AZ. Here's hoping better luck finds them on the rest of their tour stops!

3/13- 3/17 Austin, TX (SXSW)
3/18 New Orleans, LA
3/20 Mississippi, MO
3/21 Nashville, TN @ Springwater
3/22 Columbia, SC @ Hunter Gatherer
3/24 Durham, NC @ Pinhook
3/26 Pittsburgh, PA @ Gooskis Bar
3/27 Philly, PA @ Lava Space
3/28 Boston, MA @ Discovery Zone
3/29 Brooklyn, NY @ Public Assembly Brooklyn
3/30 Brooklyn @ the Ho_Se
3/31 Brooklyn @ Silent Barn
4/1 Cincinnati, OH @ Rake Ends Bar
4/2 Cleveland @ Now That's Class!
4/3- Detroit @ PJ's Lager House
4/4- Chicago, IL
4/5- Milwaukee, WI
4/6- Iowa
4/7- Denver, CO
4/9- SLC, UT
4/10- Reno, NV
4/11- SF, CA
4/12- Oakland, CA
4/13- Portland, OR @ Multiplex
4/14- Seattle, WA @ Vermillion