(Neumos) One of Denmark's preeminent musical exports, Efterklang are worthy, tasteful as all get-out, and dull, like a Scandinavian Bon Iver. Efterklang's mélange of neo-chamber-y folk pop and twinkling electronica has become the Olive Garden breadsticks of the indie-music landscape. People who are born to be mild love it. Nightlands—the mellow, dozy pop project of the War on Drugs' Dave Hartley—sounds like mid-'70s Moody Blues and Al Stewart's "Year of the Cat," which takes huge balls to do in 2013. Whatever the case, you should get to Neumos early for Seattle orch-pop master Jherek Bischoff, an ingenious instrumentalist and arranger who's on a first-name basis with David Byrne and Caetano Veloso.