I can't begin to express how today's "it's on endless repeat" song by the Blossoms', "Wonderful," has me buzzin'!! The Lou Adler California production is just GIANT.

Based on the vocal talent alone, it's confounding why the Blossoms weren't insanely huge. Hell, it's not for lack of work; over twelve years they had like twenty singles on five different labels, were a back-up vocal group for a TON of studio sessions, became regulars on Shindig!, and were featured in Elvis' '68 Comeback Special!! Godamn. Ms. Darlene Love, the main vocalist for the Blossoms, is also known for her work with Phil Spector via Bob B. Soxx & the Blue Jeans and the Crystals, "He's A Rebel" and "He's Sure The Boy I Love," both tracks she sang lead on. So... yeah, they should'a been huge.