Kinski guitarist/vocalist Chris Martin generously asked me to guest on his excellent, long-running radio show on KBCS, Ampbuzz. Martin describes the show as "An integrated mix of psychedelic rock, outsider folk, free and not-so-free jazz, and anything else that can be considered 'out' but not necessarily 'noise.'"

Last night I spun some strange old and new tracks by musicians hailing from a lot of different places—from Igor Wakhévitch to Jan Jelinek—and answered in a serious monotone voice some questions that Chris asked me. There's a chance you may hear some tracks you like. I tried not to air anything that's been overexposed. The program's archived for two weeks on; you can listen here if you have a spare two hours.

Kinski's album-release party for Cosy Moments (Kill Rock Stars) happens April 5 at the Sunset.