For my money, the can't-miss show at Debacle Fest this year is the matinee at Highline on Saturday (show starts at 3 pm), with an aurally lethal lineup including Seattle noise/math duo MTNS and deranged Los Angelenos Sissy Spacek.

Check out Spacek's album Contretemps on their Bandcamp page. The whole thing is less than five minutes, so it's not too much of a commitment—what else can decimate your sense of self and general well-being in that amount of time? I haven't seen them but judging by their records I'm expecting confrontational, batshit-levels of insanity from their live show. One can hope.

And if you've never experienced the spectacle that is MTNS, you are in for a sweaty, chaotic treat. For those who have, I suggest placing bets: How long will it take for drummer Dan Enders to strip down to his underpants? How many amps will be blown by the end of the set? Will anyone make it out alive?

Yes, I'm aware that this Saturday will likely be the sunniest we've seen all year, but I nevertheless suggest spending the afternoon in Seattle's finest vegan dive bar, getting down to some seriously unhinged tunes.