Local label/promotion team Peloton is bringing in Safety Scissors (Matthew Curry) from New York. Mr. Scissors has a new album coming out on Ellen Allien’s BPitch Control label, In a Manner of Sleeping. On it he continues to hone his smooth yet quirky electro pop, featuring his own wistful vocals. it’s not as convulsive or interesting as his Pigeon Funk project with Kit Clayton and Seth “Sutekh” Horvitz, but the music’s undeniably charming.

Safety Scissors will be doing a hybrid live/DJ set from midnight to 2 am. Also on the bill are Montreal’s Tobias van Veen, Seattle’s Duncan Idaho (aka Eli Huntington), and Peloton head Nora Posch (Aron Schoppert). Action goes from 10 pm-4 am at Electric Tea Garden.

More info here.