Seattle cosmic synthesist Panabrite (Norm Chambers) is offering a stream of his new album, Xenon District, on VCO Recordings’ Bandcamp page (you can purchase the digital version there for $7; it comes out May 21 on cassette—which is kind of a shame, as it’s really hard to DJ with tapes).

Listening to the two sidelong tracks eight-track album, I can hear Panabrite honing his melodic chops to an even more delicate and nuanced degree. He's long been a master of suspenseful mood enhancement and fostering a sense of infinite expansiveness—qualities that make him a candidate to work with a film director on an ambitious sci-fi project about extraterrestrials—and those elements blossom further on Xenon District. Here and there, Panabrite drops some subtle beats, adding rare rhythmic punch to his astral ambience (the stretch near the halfway point of side 2 is especially piquant). Let's hope Xenon District comes out on vinyl at some point (said the blogger, greedily).