Holy christ on a cracker! Jubilee was excellent, A+! It did, however, take me nearly two hours to get home, with my bad Metro bus advice, and a dead cell phone. (Also, note to cab drivers: THERE ARE STILL A GAZILLION PEOPLE STRANDED IN GEORGETOWN—go clean house!)

My highlights: Band "clipping." was a super surprise, super interesting show; King Tuff was fun and had the one of the dudes from Personal & the Pizzas on drums; TAD's Brothers of the Sonic Cloth played (sadly) at an impenetrable over-capacity area; Pissed Jeans blew everyone's heads off; METZ full-on raged; Shabazz Palaces were incredible, as always, (though, had speaker problems? That wasn't on purpose, was it?); Mudhoney was perfect (though CROWDED, oh, so crowded); Built to Spill (same as Mudhoney); and Father John Misty started his set late, but impressed all with his weirdly (endearing?) onstage dance moves.

I wish I had enough the stamina to see Deep Time and Protomartyr!

I also saw Mayor Mike McGinn walking his bicycle through the dense crowd, smiling, and wearing a Sub Pop t-shirt. Happy Birthday, SB! You a truly loved by hundreds of freaking people.

T-Shirt trivia: WHO AM I?
  • Kelly O
  • T-shirt trivia: WHO AM I?