I was out of town last week, and was especially bummed to miss the Minnesota grrrl-punx of Kitten Forever play with Half-Breed, especially after listening to their newest album Pressure. I originally caught their show a few years ago amidst Kitten Forever's natural habitat (a delightfully sweaty house party basement in their hometown of Minneapolis) and left the show with a copy of their noisy-pop release Magical Realism and an intense new appreciation for bands that begin a set with a self-titled theme song. As instrument switching is becoming less uncommon with these ladies, the newer stuff from this bass/drums/vocals trio ends up with a nice variety of sounds—from the glittering, ultra-catchy party rock to the more aggressive, Pretty on the Inside-era grunge in their feminist-friendly punk songs.

In the above video for their hot new single "Famous Friends," the primary drummer Corrie swaps onto vocals, belting out Allison Wolfe-worthy squeals amidst a basement-punk underwear party .