Despite the Northwest's summers already being highly saturated with music festivals, Artist Home Presents (the same folks who bring you Doe Bay Music Fest) are throwing one more fest on the pile—Timber! Outdoor Music Festival is a new, two-day event happening in Carnation, Washington, at the 574-acre Tolt-MacDonald Park. There's camping, hiking, and a 500-foot suspension bridge, should you want to pretend you're Indiana Jones. And, of course, there will be music—lots and lots of music. Friday's highlights include Bellingham's Baltic Cousins, Hobosexual, and S (aka Jenn Ghetto) performing with the Passenger String Quartet (swoon). And Saturday is even better, with the dreamy Lemolo, the wildly entertaining Kithkin, and a Helio Sequence, Fruit Bats, and Quasi sandwich. Tickets are cheap, too—just $45 for both days. It's a great, woodsy alternative to the Capitol Hill Block Party, should you want to get out of the city while still soothing your craving for live music. With Bryan John Appleby, River Giant and Ten-Speed Music.