The Standells, another one of those "entry level/garage 101" bands, were formed in Los Angeles, California in the early '60s. Early on they were a club band, so they were a bit stock sounding and mostly played covers. You can hear their 1964 set via their first LP, The Standells In Person At P.J.'s. It's not a bad album, just a bit tight-laced. It wasn't until a few months later, in 1965, they hit their stride when they signed with Tower and recorded their single "Dirty Water." After that they were kept quite busy, touring, recording four albums, appearing in a couple films, Get Yourself A College Girl and Riot On Sunset Strip, and doing some TV work; they were the Love Bugs on the Bing Crosby Show and played themselves on The Munsters!! They also did some soundtrack work for TV's Ben Casey, the Connie Francis movie Follow the Boys, and performed the title songs for the films Zebra In The Kitchen and Riot On Sunset Strip. Dag. They split in 1968, but have been on again off again since. Currently they are on and have an album, Bump, due out soon; the first new material recorded in 45 years.

Their punkest '60s track is the title track to the film Riot On The Sunset Strip!

My fave Standells track tho' is prolly "Rari," the flip to their hit "Dirty Water."

Oh, y'all mohawked nerds might recognize their "Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White" from the Minor Threat version, as heard on the Salad Days EP.