As you may recall from this post, Ian Hill—bassist for the local band RebelMart—is hoping to buy the Comet Tavern. The long-running dive bar/underground-music haven abruptly closed in early October due to owner Brian Balodis failing to pay utility bills and other poor business decisions. Below, Hill updates Line Out on the status of his bid to purchase the venue.

We have made an official offer to the building owner's daughter for The Comet. We also found out that there are other people who have inquired about The Comet from the staff of Lost Lake. Apparently the sharks are circling. As far as I can tell, I am the only one to actually go public with interest in buying The Comet. I'm hoping it helps getting it out there that a local musician who has ties to the Seattle music industry is making an attempt. I want to retain what The Comet means to so many people as a music venue, local staple of Capitol Hill and a Seattle icon. I am glad to see the support from people. Everyone I have talked to about what we want to do has been very excited and 100% [supportive], with most of them offering their services in some form to get The Comet back on its feet. We are confident that we gave a very good offer.