Nine Inch Nails at Key Arena last night was one of the better shows I have ever seen. Trent Reznor and band gripped with complete control, with all parts of the machine hitting their mark. The show was never not on. From immaculate eastern bent torrents of techno to intense pixilated blistering. Very little talk from Mr. Reznor to the crowd. As soon as each song ended, the next one began. His vocals were clear, strong, low at times with a throated muscle-whisper of pain. Reznor and band were there to do one thing: play the songs and perform the show. Sound was near perfect from where I was. Vocal delays caught pinpoint and trailed. The two female powerhouse, realmified backup singers added another world. Damn these women could sing. Cages lowered and raised in front of the band for projecting and slicing visuals of abstract code architecture. Until the last sounds of “Hurt” came to end, Reznor was totally consumed with, and moved by, producing sound. Some form of immense cyclopean black swan-bird had perched on top of Key Arena during the show. The Anti-Phoenix. As the crowd filed out of the building, Reznor could be seen riding it off into the distance of the night. God damn, that was a good concert. God damn. (Here is some rough video of the show. Doesn’t do it justice. Hopefully it will serve an approximation.)