(Tractor) The Comettes show promise in the new reverb-psych world in much the same way that the Black Angels did—by revisiting familiar themes without getting too nostalgic for what's already been done. Drummer Jettie Wilce rolls into their tom-heavy, icy psychedelic jams, while Farfisa master Timmy Sunshine's organ swells and grooves complement guitarist Sager Small's fuzzy, reverb-drenched shredding. There is a unique immediacy to their aural explorations; they manage to both reference previous psychedelic expeditions and somehow still break new ground. Seattle trio the Young Evils create sweet and tangy pop-rock nuggets, their ultra-catchy songs bursting with bubblegum/sunshine by way of twee punk: Think Elephant 6 vibes, in the best way possible. Every Young Evils song's a potential hit. With the Hoot Hoots.