See the video on (They have a 24-hour exclusive.)

This past August, a horde of people trekked north to Stanwood, WA to film Iska
’s video for “Everybody Knows.” Kudos to director Tristan Seniuk for actualizing and synthesizing Benjamin Verdoes’ and Nate Quiroga’s Vietnam, USO vision. Hints of a scene from Apocalypse Now can also be deduced. Verdoes said he was originally inspired by this 8mm clip of Ann Margret from 1968.

Shots are at night, the tones are foreboding, and the characters within facing death are celebratory at the show. Quiroga’s voice calls out stern and embossed, “Everybody Knows, you gotta get it in before you go.” Lots of folks cameo, including Macklemore. And a poodle? Some sort of well groomed dog. Notice Macklemore's Bob Hope golf club. The writer for Spin refers to the video as “jittery,” but I disagree. I don't think it's jittery at all. I see long, slow panning, legato shots. “Everybody Knows” is the single off Iska Dhaaf’s album Even the Sun Will Burn due out this coming March on Brick Lane Records.

There’s a video release party tonight at Fred Wildlife Refuge. OCnotes will be spinning. $5, unless you were in the video.