10697 Main St, Suite 2

As the very first cannabis store to open on the Eastside (they've been there since 2014), Green-Theory has an excellent downtown Bellevue location. Bonus: It's right by a bus stop. The store originally started as more of an upscale boutique, perhaps an attempt to lure in the more moneyed Bellevue types with their wads of bills and flashy cars. But the $65-a-gram thing didn't quite work out, says store manager Ari Emadi, and the store decided to cater to the 99 percent.

Now, they sell their large selection of flower, edibles, vapes and accessories at every price point, and in fact will price match anything you see at another store. They also offer a 20 percent discount for medical patients and are working toward medical endorsements soon.

The store's interior still retains a classy, boutique look: muted green and wood-paneled walls, soft drop lamps, and silky, spa-like music. The "bread and butter" of their edibles are Cannabis Quenchers with combined THC and CBD, and liquid edibles that will fast-track your high. If flower is more your thing, check out their most popular product: 1 gram pre-rolls of Peppermint Cookies (the strain) by Gold Leaf Gardens. The store features a good selection of silicone bongs and high-end vapes as well. AMBER CORTES


10697 Main St, Suite 2, Bellevue, WA 98004
Hours: Mon–Wed 10 am–10 pm, Thu–Sat 10 am–11 pm, Sun 10 am–7 pm
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