This place is closed.

Atlas Foods

2820 NE University Village

This place is closed.

Atlas Foods

2820 NE University Village, Seattle, Washington 98105
Restaurant Details
  • Features Bar/Happy Hour, Breakfast/Brunch
  • Cuisine Seafood
Bar Details
  • Features Full Menu, Happy Hour
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Pretty good

I had the honey balsamic chicken sandwich today. It was surprisingly very good. The service was quick, polite. All-around a decent place to have lunch. I didn't like the $11.75 price though. It's a good-sized sandwich, but shouldn't cost that much.
Posted by fumanchu on December 11, 2009 at 6:47 PM · Report this

Good Happy Hour

I read about the Happy Hour here on and decided to check it out after a quick trip to Barnes & Noble. The service and food I got in the bar area was not bad. All of the micro-brews were $3 and there was a fair selection of $3 food items as well, including some really good cheese fries! I'm not sure how the rest of the food/service here is, but if a good happy hour is what you're looking for, then Atlas Foods has it!
Posted by reignman on January 20, 2009 at 2:55 PM · Report this
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Big disappointment

I was blow away to find that at 6 pm on a Sunday night, the kitchen was already out of two items on the fresh sheet and out of the only two vegetarian entrees off a very short regular menu. My daughters had to split the last bottle of root beer in the place and the beer for my brother was completely forgotten. The staff was only mildly apologetic. We won't be back any time soon.
Posted by Yvonne on February 25, 2008 at 4:37 PM · Report this

One Good Thing

If you find yourself here at lunch time, try the Honey Balsamic Chicken Sandwich. While there's a dearth of decent chicken sandwiches in Seattle, this one is really quite tasty. But yes, the service is usually second rate.
Posted by MikeF on September 30, 2007 at 4:57 PM · Report this

Fire your whole stupid staff.

Upon arrival, the host (played by an evil, gay David Cross) who sized us up and offered seats in the bar area. We refused politely. Each request was met with rolled eyes and a dramatic sigh. Asking for two menus (uh, one for each of us) was like asking if I could fuck his crippled sister. My entree arrived twenty minutes before my girl's, so we ended up sharing. I didn't want to split what she ordered, so I asked for a salad to supplement my meal. Forty-five minutes later, with both of us finished, water glasses bone dry for the last thirty, I wanted to leave. I'm starving and the salad hasn't arrived. Finally, I asked evil David Cross to forget the salad and bring us the check. On his way back to our table, he intercepted our waiter, who was holding my salad. They exchanged words, and our waiter, exasperated, yelled, "FUCK!" and marches back to our table. He demands to know why I don't want the salad. I explained that I was tired, and hungry, and dehydrated, and that above all else, I wanted to leave. I offered to pay for the salad if it meant that I could leave sooner. He accepted my offer and dropped the salad plate onto the table. I emailed the company, no response. Did I mention that it was my 32nd birthday?
Posted by demolator on September 4, 2007 at 12:37 PM · Report this

people WAIT to eat here?

ok, so the food at atlas is quite passable. the service is usually fairly prompt and courteous. but for some reason, people come from far and wide to eat at this place. wtf?! i mean, i enjoy a good rumble from atlas as much as the next person, but i just can't see wasting a nice saturday or sunday morning patiently frittering away waiting for a coveted table at atlas. people know there are other places in the u village and surrounding areas to get an average breakfast, right? all the same, if there's no line, go for it - the food's not bad though a bit overpriced.
Posted by kinkos on July 30, 2007 at 3:39 PM · Report this


Went for brunch w/ friends from out of town yesterday. Found a nasty hair in the blintzes. I was totally grossed out. They took them off my bill, but come on....that is so nasty.
Posted by Coco on June 24, 2007 at 9:31 PM · Report this

One Step Above Your Average Mall Restaurant

The food here is well, average. Every time I choose to go here I always find myself leaving more full than satisfied. The menu is pretty generic, and nothing really jumps out at me as something I really want. The atmosphere is pretty nice, as is the wait staff, but the food leaves something to be desired.
Posted by Mark on May 29, 2007 at 10:27 AM · Report this


This place, not unlike it's sister coastal kitchen, is pretty tedious and not as "good" as CK. It's a good place to meet friends because it's comfortable and perfect to hang out and chat in. It's a little too much of a preppie/yuppie mashup. If you're looking for comfortable and better go to the Italian place next door.
Posted by Charles on May 24, 2007 at 8:00 AM · Report this
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