Arabica Lounge


Bar, Cafe, Restaurant
1550 E Olive Way

In a spot occupied by a Supercuts for a quarter-century, Arabica is an especially good, tranquil neighborhood hangout. Its airy room filled with mid-century modern furniture invites staying a while; you can have coffee and a house-made baked good, or one of their simple yet inventive brunch plates, like soft-boiled "soldier" eggs with prosciutto (served with actual toy soldiers) or dükkah, an Egyptian mash of nuts and roasted herbs and spices sopped up with plenty of olive oil and bread. When night rolls around, have some beer, wine, cider, or a cocktail—and, on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights from 5:30 to 9:30, try their dinner menu—and hope someone takes a turn at the shiny upright piano.

Arabica Lounge

1550 E Olive Way, Seattle, WA 98102
Hours: Sun-Thurs 7 am-9 pm, Fri-Sat 9 am-11 pm
Restaurant Details
  • Features Bar/Happy Hour, Breakfast/Brunch, Good for Groups, To Go
  • Cuisine Cafe, Italian, New American
Bar Details
  • Features Full Menu, Snacks Available
  • Scene Cocktail Lounge, Neighborhood Joint
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You Must Visit Arabica Lounge- and stay awhile

I finally got around to going inside Arabica Lounge. I was nervous my hopes would be disappointed, the atmosphere too crowded, the noise full of neo-pop music and cold sterile seating. It was quite the opposite. They have 4 lounge couches, a beautiful glass coffee table, set in a square so it feels like a living room. One long dining table of rustic wood has eight lightweight chairs for a study group or laptop coffee drinker. I ordered a slice of squash quick bread topped with crumbled nuts (a huge slice) and an americano. The barista was warm and approachable, without being bubbly, and no hint of prentension or annoyance that I didn't quite know what I wanted immediately. A retro thermos stays out on a small table for those who want half and half or soy milk. The music is calm but not cheeky- Sufjan Stevens, The Antlers, Radiohead, instrumental stuff with quiet voices, easy to read along to. There is art everywhere- this places is one gigantic piece of art. One wall is painted with a strange face reminiscent of Scream but wearing a man's suit clothes and doing a sit-up. Rough open brick is exposed for the main walls from the original building. It's gently air conditioned- not freezing but definitely not a sweatbox. Simple plants and branches are places around in uniquely shaped vases. The three tiered candle holders decorate the dining table with frozen-in-time wax hauntingly dripping down the sides. It is naturally lit, with windows surrounding the place, yet high up enough and covered ever so slightly so not to give off a fishbowl effect to all the pedestrians passing by.I'm impressed by how people have an eye to arrange space. Space arrangement can make or break a social atmosphere. This place provides a warm embrace for socialites but also seclusion for the lone reader or writer. My only hesitation in giving such a positive review is that it will become overpopulated with the compulsive cafe dwellers and no longer be a place of respite for me. I'm willing to take that risk. ;-)

Grace from Capitol Hill
Posted by trogra on October 10, 2012 at 10:04 PM · Report this

I’d read a few things on Yelp about Arabica Lounge – bakery, breakfast, and coffee shop – before visiting, and not all of it was positive (too pretentious, too expensive, unreliable hours, etc), so I was pleasantly surprised by my experience (although the unreliable hours part turned out to be true). The space was pleasant, light, and welcoming, and perfect for working or reading (especially once the loud group that was there decided to leave). I was initially dismayed because they had decided to close the kitchen early and I was really hungry (and had heard good things about the “soldier eggs”). However, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I “settled” for a croissant sandwich with Brie… best I’ve had in Seattle and I’ve had many a croissant. Bakery items were good (I had the peanut butter cookie and a meringue). I would recommend Arabica, just make sure you go early.…
Posted by lisarosebruce on June 12, 2012 at 2:46 PM · Report this

great space, charming... a new standard on coffee bar

This is an amazing place, new to Capitol Hill on the old SuperCuts location. The decor is incredibly tasteful and simple, the food is outstanding for a small café, and the attention is great specially if the owner is there. Arabica did a much better job in creating the ambiance than any Stumptown Coffee place. I wish this coffee shop the best.

Posted by adrianshoen on October 1, 2010 at 8:56 PM · Report this
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